Thoughts are Things...yeah, right!

Years ago, I used to pooh-pooh the very concept that thoughts could actually manifest THINGS! How, in the world, could a simple thought become something tangible -- like a house or a vacation or a new job or money?

The concept seems far-fetched to those who haven't spent time (open-mindedly) exploring the possibility that Einstein was right.

Could science back the concept of manifestation? Einstein believed it was true. The man was a genius, so who am I to doubt?

But I still did (and I, occasionally, still battle against those doubts).

In my experience, there are many "Einsteins" out there – people who are way smarter than me and have knowledge that can help me understand things beyond my current comprehension. I turn to them often for clarity and education.

Usually, that joyous "Ah-hah!" moment comes not long after sitting with a new concept. This happened when meditating on manifesting money (yes – you can actually manifest money. Re-read the above image if you don't believe me). Someone much smarter than me had advised that the first step, after placing an intention for anything, is to listen – to pay attention to the next thought that comes to mind or the next opportunity that presents itself. These aren't always exactly as we anticipate they should be – most definitely don't look the way you'd expect. But these are manifestations come into play. Almost immedatiately, after putting an intention out into the Universe, the manifestation of how it will come into your life presents itself. Our job is to recognize it. Too often, I had blown off the immediate though of something that seemed crazy. There was no way that idea would manifest what I had just intended...or would it?

After my "Ah-hah!" moment, I realized these crazy thoughts are really methods for manifestation of what I desire. My part in the manifestation doesn't go away just because I intend for something. I am an active player in my own destiny – and that includes manifestations.

Money is no different. I realized very quickly that the crazy ideas that came to mind (or were suggested by associates), even opportunities that I had never dreamed of, were really my intention coming into reality. Once I decided to pay attention and act upon these ideas, my intention was immediately manifest.

Too good to be true?

Possibly. But the process always required action on my part. Usually, it went this way:

  • Acceptance of the idea or suggestion

  • Willingness (courage) to act upon the idea

  • Recognizing the plan to move the idea into reality

  • Taking that first step – actual action into the plan

  • Being loyal to my intention, the plan, and the manifested outcome

  • Showing gratitude that my intention had been received and the manifestation provided

The steps don't sound difficult, but they actually are. The most difficult for me is the next-to-last step: Being loyal to my intention and following through with the plan. Too easily, I get discouraged (or become doubtful) and move away. Doing this only takes me off the path to receiving that which I manifest. It's a lesson I've learned and vowed not to repeat – following through to the manifested outcome is my new mantra.

This is also true with money. If you can have faith in the Universe, the power of your ability to manifest, the plan that will be given to you as a result of your intention, and the willpower to see it to the end, you will discover the power of your intention.

Have faith ~ Manifest powerfully ~ Live in gratitude

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