This n That = Pain

I've lived with pain in my joints for the last 10 years. Most call it arthritis. I call it evidence of a life well-lived.

In that day, I was a professional dancer, avid skier, employed in a very rewarding career that demanded physical strength and flexibility, and raised a gaggle of kids by myself. Add to this a gene pool that bespoke generations of crooked fingers and achy backs and you have the perfect recipe for reliance on anti-inflammatories and doctor visits.

This + That = Pain

That was what I was told. This was my belief...until a profound meditation where I realized that didn't have to be this reality for me.

"You mean, This + That ≠ Pain?" The thought was profound and hit me like a freight train.

How is this possible?

Thought. Our beliefs and thoughts determine our wellness and the physical health of our bodies (ie: Thought + Beliefs = Wellness). It's a truth that I longed to believe. So, I held onto other's knowledge about the subject until I could embrace it as my own. I knew it was truth, I just couldn't believe it entirely as so.

Louise L. Hay talks about our beliefs and how they affect our physical bodies. Physicians in Western medicine are finally turning to thoughts and imagry as a modality for healing. Eastern medicine is established in the power of the mind and health. Why wouldn't I believe, especially when so many experts, who are so much smarter than me, hold these concepts as truth?

Because I'm a doubter at heart – that's the literal rub too – heart-felt doubt creates illness in that same organ ("Cancel...Cancel that comment about my doubt!").

According to Louise L. Hay, these maladies and dis-eases can be reversed and/or prevented when we change our core beliefs about ourselves. This means, the self-talk we consciously or unconsciously feed our subconscious self. A deep-seated belief that self is damaged, somehow, leads to physical damage in the body. For example, believing that I am not lovable can lead to arthritic symptoms.

This is something I am familiar with because I have the onset of osteoarthritis. There is truth behind the belief that I feel unlovable (I've worked through this for years, patterned in some of my worst decisions, and exposed in my Shadow work as of late). Interestingly, my crooked pinkies have begun to straighten out as I've changed my internal mantra from "I'm unlovable" to "I am very lovable. I love and can show myself compassion."

I now believe those words, just as I believe they are healing my arthritis. It's a slow process on both sides – to believe wholly and to correct arthritic deformities. However, I am committed to both and am seeing first-hand the change happening in my soul's belief and physcial body.

Let me proprose a commitment to wellness. Consider your internal dialog and what feeds the dis-ease of your body. I'm happy to work with you through this process and can help you identify the mantra or affirmation that might work best for you.

Let's walk into wellness together. It's not very painful and it really doesn't hurt to try:

Thoughts + Beliefs = Wellness.

I'm willing to give it a go with you!

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