The Power of Pendulums

Have you ever watched a pendulum?

It’s lazy sweep from one side to another beats out a cadence in harmony with the earth’s energy. Oft times, it gently lulls one to sleep, always counting the endless tick of a great timepiece – a grandfather clock, marking the days and years – the energy of Mother Earth, as it spins on her access.

All of this is in sync with your energy – the synthesis of spirit.

Did you ever wonder how pendulums work with spirit?

Sunny Bunnell (a very gifted spiritualist, medium, and my mentor) wrote a wonderful article about pendulums and their use. She generously gave me permission to post a "taste" of her writing here. Sadly, we lost Sunny in April, 2018. Her passing was unexpected but her mentorship beyond the veil was not. She continues to help inspire and direct those of us who call upon her.

One of the important messages Sunny continues to send my way is the importance of learning, searching, and growing in my understanding and use of my spiritual tools (the pendulum is one of those tools I use on occasion).

Below, is a transcript to a podcast that I listen to by Marijo Puleo, PhD. She is a wealth of information for those interested in continuing down the path of

How to Work With Different Sources of Intuitive Information

Tools are an integral part of any spiritual journey. Prayer is the tool to communicate with God. Meditation is the tool we use to go to stillness. Earth and water are tools used to ground. Crystals, cards, and pendulums are tools used to receive inspiration.

We all have powerful tools available to use to find answers. Pendulums can answer simple yes-no questions, and are available this moment to help bring joy. May you find your inner voice and the peace you deserve.

~ Namaste


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