The Angels

One of the biggest challenges I have is tuning into my Spirit Guides and Angels. Oh, I know they are there and I recognize their hand in guiding me through my life.

The issue is – I want to know each Guide and each Angel's name.

For some reason, that is very important to me.

Last month, I attended a meeting with my mentor, Sunny. She taught me (and the rest of our class attendees) how to connect with our spirit guides. The information was shared on literature that she gently guided us through. I felt as if I was getting answers, possilby even a name or two.

This month, my sweet mentor, Sunny, crossed over. I was devastated. But as I go to stillness, I listen for her guidance – much as she guided me in private and in our classes, I know...I know...she will guide me from the other side.

What a blessing to have such validation that I know my newest guide –– a true angel. She is a sister in spirit, someone I love dearly, a strong medium I trust completely. The answer to my prayer has come in a manner I never dreamed possible. My newest guide is someone I've been blessed to know both in life on earth, and now from the other side. The dear relationship we have will not end. She is my friend, an angel, my guide.

Her name is Sunny.

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