Step into the Silence

One of the most difficult tasks we face as humans is to sit with our own silence. The fast-paced society we live in would give that askance "you're nuts!" look should we insist on silence during the workday. After all, how would silence affect productivity?

That's a great question and one that deserves a factual answer.

The truth is, productivity would improve in the workplace. So would mental, social, and physical health. A few minutes of silence daily allows our physical bodies to reset, calm down, and go toward homeostasis. Studies have shown healing happens when the patient observes silence daily.

Sadly, the ability to reach silence isn't always easy. We have trained ourselves to exist in what we consider a "normal" state –– a state of constant noise. Absent-mindedly we often flip on the TV when we walk in the door or click on the radio or our favorite podcast when driving. Exercise doesn't seem to exist without earbuds playing tunes to "keep us in rhythm." When those acts become habitual, we pull farther and farther from our peace, and ultimately from our place of physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Just the act of sitting still, in silence, with a gentle focus on our breath can help tremendously with anxiety and stress. Creating a new habit of daily silence moves us closer to a state of wellness. As this habit becomes ingrained in our physical body, the silence becomes a way of life. We live our daily lives with an attitude of silence. This brings peace.

One of my dearest friends' daughter is an expert in the field of psychology and energy healing. She shares a beautiful meditation on Anapana breathing. Please take a moment to meditate with Alli and step into a moment of silence.

Namaste ~


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