Puzzling, Isn't It?

Working with others to solve problems through my "Insights" and visions, doesn't always guarantee the right fit – even when we all desperately wish things to be exact.

The Spirit doesn't work that way.

Impressions, images, thoughts, "gut feelings," instincts, voices, words – every "clair" used by an intuitive – only provides the clues to the situation in question. These are symbols – pieces of a bigger picture that needs to be put together to form the answer.

It's like a jigsaw puzzle.

Numerous tiny little pieces that look like they belong, don't always fit. The picture we try to create may use pieces (images, thoughts, impressions) that look foreign and completely out of place, but once connected to it's matching counterpart, helps to brilliantly bring the picture (answer) into focus.

This takes skill and practice. So many great jigsaw experts have gained their ability to match pieces from years of putting together complicated puzzles. Hours and hours of practice go into their skill! These experts know how to look at individual pieces and match them (relatively quickly) to another piece. The puzzle comes together and the results are accurate.

New jigsaw enthusiasts will find the more difficult puzzles time-consuming and possibly frustrating – not becuase they aren't able to put the pieces together properly, but because it takes them longer to do so. Their skill isn't as sharp – yet – as those who have practiced with puzzles for years.

Think of the "Magic Eye" art posters that were so popular years ago. The viewer would stare at the 2-dimensional graphic image until a 3-D image would "jump out" at him. Almost always, this was followed with a gasp and the the delighted exclamation, "I'm in" or "Got it!"

Some viewers are able to see the 3D image right away, others are forced to wait or use "tricks" to see the images (like standing nose-to-art and backing away from it slowly, looking at the art with eyes crossed, etc). Some just exercise patience, waiting until their eyes adjuste and the 3D image "pops."

All of the tricks utilized are appropriate because they produce an accurate result. Still, for some, the 3D image never shows itself. Even so, the result is acceptable because the 2D image is usually very intriguinging, in and of itself.

Spiritual "Insights" are the same. Different pieces of a larger image are given, usually with no understanding of the bigger picture until each component is fitted together to make the whole. Only then, does the full image "jump out" at those viewing it.

Rarely, do questions get answered until each "Insight" is tried against an idea (another piece provided) to see if it fits. Sometimes, multiple "Insights" can present from different scenarios (akin to those jigsaw puzzles that include multiple puzzles in one box – the challenge being to figure out which piece goes to what puzzle). Often, once all of the information is gathered and "Insights" compared, the viewer has to stand back and wait until the answer is revealed. A 3D understanding of the message suddenly "pops" and the observer experiences an "A-ha!" moment.

This is how inspiration works.

Your spiritual guide or medium will provide you with intuitive pieces and help you figure out where they belong. Ultimately, it is the recipients' job to figure out how they fit and what the big picture is.

This can be challenging and frustrating, but waiting for that moment when you're "in" and the light of understanding flashes "A-ha!" is well worth the wait.

Have faith, seek answers, pray for understanding, and be patient. The pieces will fit with time and the result will be magnificent!


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