Psychic Kick in the Backside

Mars in retrograde has done a number on me! I've been in the first, biggest altercation (with someone I'm close to) for a long, long time. I had no idea how to handle the situation. Normally, I can just sit back and observe, "yoga-style" then deal with the person in a loving, assertive manner.

Not this time. My fighting words were sharp and my quivver was filled with "zingers" meant to cause real harm. Worse, my righteous indignation kept urging me forward – a battle-cry to imminent victory!

So why did I feel so lousy after it was all said and done? In truth, I had kept the "zingers" stowed and chose to sheath the sharpest comments – I just walked away, to cool off. It was the right thing to do, as voiced by the only witness.

Still, I felt lousy – still do.

After much meditation and time to pray, ponder, and draw a personal reading on the situation, I realized that the angst I carry is less about "being right" and more about the energy brought into the situation (by the planets, the other person involved, and my own state of exhaustion). Mars didn't help.

Observation is truly the balm that heals these kinds of wounds. Knowing that I am not responsible for another person's negative energy is another. "Let go" is something I heard over and over again – in my own mind and from those who allowed me to vent. It's not an easy thing to do – like the pull of a needle as it pierces flesh to stitch up an open wound. It hurts. It continues to hurt. But the pain is lessening the more I understand and heal.

The cards validated this for me (yes, I draw for help and clarity also). I think we all need clarity, particuarly when upset – especially when Mars is in retrograde.

My hope is that others will feel the peace that comes from observing – observing feelings, thoughts, the cards as they are drawn for them. I love doing readings for others because of this. There is a moment, when I look into the eyes of the person sitting opposite, and see that sudden flash of realization – the moment that The Spirit has touched their hearts and my words are the balm that heals an injured or inquiring soul.

Please contact me if you have questions you'd like answered on a spiritual plane. Let's talk. I'm here and willing to support you through readings online, via text, email or phone. Let's connect. Let's heal. Let's observe.

Many blessings ~


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