Goin' in Deep

The deepest part of the soul is where we find the answers.

There...I said it and could probably stop writing but feel compelled to continue, for some reason. To understand consciousness and the information that is held therein kinda blows my mind. It's difficult to understand the immensity of universal consciousness at its most superficial level. But still, we try.

Most of my experience with consciousness has been accidental (I'm channeling this now and smirked as I wrote this). Really? Accidental? Truth is, my brain is so distracted that the only way anyone gets my attention on a spiritual level is through accidents...maybe that's also true on a physical plane.

I discovered my ability to Remote View by accident –– a quadruple-blind target that got my attention three nights in a row at exactly 4:44am. Definitely not planned!

"Knowing" through discernment kept me alive, kept me in a job, kept my grades up, and kept me one step ahead of my kids. THAT was definitely accidental!

My belief is that we all have the ability to tap into consciousness and discover for ourselves the answers to questions. It's akin to tapping into a search engine: we just need to ask and look for the answer and...BAM...it's right in front of us waiting for us to "tap into" it. Once we learn the way to search the "spritual engine" (aka: consciousness), we can gather information and find answers in a blink of an eye.

The trick is to recognize the answers. As I've said many times to my clients (and in my book), God or Spirit doesn't speak English, Hebrew, Swahili, Chinese, or any other worldly language...God speaks to us in symbolism. If you doubt that, look at history and the symbolism that permeates every spiritual belief from paganism through Buddhism, Christianity, and beyond. Symbols are everywhere.

So are coincidences...which aren't really coincidental at all. Rather, they are experienced symbolism –– another way God gets our attention. Call it serendipity or karma, it's still part of our path and the consciousness in which we all exist.

To understand all of the symbols coming your way, you need to meditate. Sit with these non-coincidental coincidents. Pray about the symbolism you just happened to witness (think about 11:11 on the clock). Go deep into your inner soul and tap into your consciousness.

THERE is where you'll find the answers and the meanings you seek. There is where we connect and discover the paths we are meant to follow. There is where we know truth.

Consciousness –– it's deep and powerful and so real. I'll see you there.

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