Forgot to Meditate

Yesterday, I received a phone call from someone who has recently made a conscious decision for peace. This isn't a global effort for world peace, mind you, this is something much simpler and easier to do: personal peace.

She talked about how she is mindfully identifying and eliminating toxicity out of her life. We discussed the effects of her efforts, thus far, and how it made her feel.

In all honesty, I experienced a moment of envy.

Later that afternoon, I met with my mentor who stated (in the middle of our conversation) that she felt impressed to tell me to "slow down" and eliminate some of the "fluff" from my life's platter.

In essence, I have too many balls in the air right now.

When I asked her advice, it came as a simple question (the same question I ask to every one of my clients): Do you meditate?

I realized in that moment that I hadn't – for a long time I've been too busy to sit in stillness and come to center. How did that happen?

I would be wise to read my own advice in the last blog post on this site. Too much chaos cluttered my life, including drama and unnecessarydistraction.

The first step was to turn off the noise in the background. That meant, turn off the TV, noisy music, social media, cell phones, etc. Replacing those with meditation sounds (I like water sounds), I then turned down the bright lights and burned incense.

Then...closing my eyes, I sat quietly and allowed the Universe to sooth my soul and open my spiritual insight. The peace that followed was balm to my rattled consciousness. Amazingly, the remainder of the day followed with peace, joy, and renewed compassion for life.

If you have forgotten to meditate recently, don't judge yourself or feel guilty. Instead, turn off the "noise" of your life and eliminate the chaos, then bathe yourself in the arms of the Universe's love. It works.


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