"Fire Bursts All Over Me"

She shifted in her seat and I watched as her body language confirmed her discomfort.

This was said by my new client as she sat down with me yesterday. I knew instantly she was distressed. My challenge was to identify why.

We talked about events world-wide (briefly), Mercury in retrograde, and the effect of the moon. In a few moments, her shoulders relaxed and she confided the problem for her was "feeling unsettled, up in the air" about life.

As our discussion continued, she pulled a few cards and symbols representing her path began to emerge. She recognized them and their significance. We talked through these and came up with a comfortable plan for the days ahead.

I watched as she blinked back tears of relief. Life didn't appear as scattered anymore. With a simple plan – something to look forward to – she could move forward. In truth, she knew the answers all along, she just needed a second opinion and some validation that she indeed wasn't "scattered." When she left, she hugged me and I felt the joy in her soul.

This is part of what I do.

I'm here to be the second set of eyes on your personal situation – to help you see through the cloudy moments that need clarity. Let's chat about what concerns you. Let's look into what the future holds for you.

Let's walk your path together.

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