Navigating Life's Chaos

Noise. Confusion. Chaos.

How do we navigate a life of peace through the muddy environs in the world today? Bombased by media, tumultuous weather, disasters, health pandemics, and personal crisis, it sometimes seems as if the world is enraged and we are the recipient of its anger.

What can we do in the midst of this turbulence?

We go back to the earth. We ground ourselves: stand barefoot on the grass and breathe, feel the sunlight (or moonlight) on our faces, and push anxiety back into the earth while receiving the white light of heaven through our crown chakras. Sounds hokey? Well, it may sound like I've suggested we all step back into the '60s (which would be awesome musically), but that's not what I mean.

Upon first learning of grounding, most agree that, in theory, it makes sense. But many are still skeptical, and I’m the first to admit that it is hard to believe… that is, until you experience it for yourself.

And the concept of grounding, and its necessity to human (and virtually ever living creature’s) health is not so much of a stretch when you consider that you are already dependent on and intricately intertwined with the Earth. (in5d Esoteric Metaphysical Spiritual Database)

The truth of this can be experienced the first moment you ground yourself and feel the peace that follows – validation that we have tools to help us when life overwhelms us.

A second step is to tune into intuition. Listening to that inner "still small voice" is key to navigating through the mire of today's world. Because promptings often come as whispers to the soul, it's sometimes difficult to hear the message. But with practice, anyone can tap into intuitive impressions and act on those, moving along the path that best serves each one of us.

The saying, "Practice makes perfect" is applicable here. Each of us (even the most experienced intuitives) must practice grounding and channeling intuition daily. At first, it may feel impossible –– too difficult, too subtle to be worth the effort –– but I promise that will persistence, you will experience the power of grounding and intuition. This is a powerful key to finding peace. These are powerful tools available this moment to help bring joy. May you find your inner voice and the peace you deserve. ~ Namaste

Kathryn M.

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