The Magic of Crystals

Recently, the massive draw to Lepidolite has garnered attention from those of us who believe in the power of this healing stone.

The silver and lavender colors found within this stone are mezmerizing, to say the least. But there is more inherent in Lepidolite than just its beauty. Lepidolite is a unifier. Connecting the chakras, this magical stone brings us back to center – to living in the moment and inner peace. Lithium within this healing stone is part of the dynamism. This element is a stabilizer. Emotions, obsession, addiction, anxiety, etc. have the potential to be returned to a steady, manageable state with the help of this stone. As stated by Energy Muse (an online jewelry company):

"...instead of chasing after the calm, the calm finds you. The Lepidolite meaning connects with all of your chakras, aligning them and dissolving energy blocks...In this place of active calm, you can be aware, but not reactive. This will give you a moment to make a better decision, and avoid the pitfalls of your past. With a tranquil and harmonious essence, lepidolite aids you in forming a new approach to life with patterns of positivity."

Indeed, the discovery of inner peace can even be applied to a discovery of past lives. While holding the stone in hand, honoring breath, and meditating to relieve the chaos in life, one can be guided to understand the lessons of past lives – a guide for this life. The beauty and blessing of Lepidolite is immense. No wonder this stone is nicknamed, "The Peacemaker."

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