Remote Viewing - "Insights"

The Little Boy, Red Truck, and Spider

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On three consecutive mornings, I woke suddenly at 4am and received the following images:
4 May 2018 

• an old tombstone, black and worn
• a tiny, toy car that a child would wind up
• foreign money (it was blue) being paid to an antique dealer



5 May 2018


• Little black boy (about 5-6), profile. Larger forehead and jaw. BIG smile, laughing, happy. Abrasion (bloody and fresh) to upper left forehead above the eyebrow.



  • Ari (“Ah”)

  • Mumbai (M)



6 May 2018


• Little legs wearing cutoff shorts, sitting in dirt. A black spider ran for the crotch. Startling.



30 June 2018


• "Start digging" - hands digging in wet sand (shell-base sand, almost shale-looking). 

• Pale dusty blue cloth once belonging to a child found buried there - no body, did not sense death.  Felt like digging as in an investigation.
• "India"
• "Nearly 200"



29 September 2018

A meeting with five mediums was conducted to focus all of our energy on Remote Viewing, specifically for this child. NO ONE felt he was dead, in fact, everyone said he or she sensed him alive and "hanging on."

Some of the information that came out is below:

• I saw a white male with dark hair drag the little boy out of an area that had a wall along it.

• "Transaction complete."

• Pick-up truck - white, very dirty and/or brown very dirty (witnessed by 2 mediums).

• The child has huge round eyes. He hasn't surrendered yet. He is afraid, has been abused (not sexually), and wants to come home. He has blisters on his hands from being forced to cook.

• Many men of diverse nationalities sitting around make-shift tables (wood), laughing. Children were in front of these men, standing on a stage.

• The climate and temperature where is now is the same as the climate where he is from (his home). The child doesn't know where he is.

• A stone image (like a statue or on a stone statue) with an eye carved in it - a pearl in the center of the eye (looks like the Eye of Horace).

• A caucasian male walking toward a child. The man is wearing jeans shorts, white collared shirt, white Nike shoes, has short brown hair, looks dirty and sweaty, has mustache, approx. 35-40. The name John came through.

• A tower or tall building. Many other children of all ages there with the little boy (Lee).

• "The sinner is known by his nose [facial features]. Medicine there. An omen. An omen. Submission."


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