Oracle Card of the Month

Victory & Success

A Promise

Whenever Victory & Success (6) is drawn, it indicates a triumph over adversity. The character in the image is heralding great news! You are being advised that the way is clear and success imminent with a project, plans or the general direction you are taking in life right now. 

Take joy in the accolades, relish in the victory of having accomplished much -- but always be wary of getting too caught up in your fame. You must remain humble, on bended knee so-to-speak, and willing to forge ahead on the next great adventure.

Six (6) is the number representing domestic life, care-giving, charity, nurturing, providing for, responsibility. Realize that your success is due in part to your recognition of your responsibility to others. Continue to approach life from a nurturing attitude (nurturing Mother Earth, nurturing self, nurturing those you are responsible for), and you will enjoy success again in the near future.

Life is mean to be fulfilling – find the joy in each and every success, even in the small ones.

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