Oracle Card of the Month

Harmony (6)
Relationship choices

When you draw this card, a union, partnership, or spiritual initiation is taking place, or soon will be in the future.

It doesn’t always mean a love affair, but could represent other relationships in your life. Not all relationships have to be between two people. It could be groups, organizations, pets or a situation.

The Harmony Card tells you that it’s time to make choices in certain relationships.


Your bonds with others are actually a reflection of you…even your most difficult relationships. They act as mirrors reflecting what you need to see.

It would be very good to yourself these questions:

  • Am I learning anything from this relationship?

  • What new qualities am I developing?

  • Is this relationship for my highest good?

  • Can I make it stronger?

  • Are we teaching each other?

  • What have I discovered about myself through this union?

Every relationship always has an encoded lesson to learn and hopefully you have learned it. In some cases it could be that you still need to learn it.

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