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Business & Abundance

Fish Meaning and Keywords:

  • Spending and receiving money

  • Shopping

  • Commerce

  • Import/export

  • Wealth

  • Independence

  • Adventure

  • Actual fish

  • Water: oceans, seas, lakes, rivers

  • Lavish

  • A man with dark hair

Fish Meanings

The Fish card is a symbol of abundance, spirituality, wealth, independence, business, and entrepreneurs.

It's a positive card representing the free-flowing, adaptable nature of a school of fish.

While the Bear can represent your personal finances (e.g., investments, accounts payable/receivable), the Fish represent the bigger scope of your overall wealth and fortune.

The Fish also represent things you might do independently, such as consulting, starting a business and other entrepreneurial activities.

Whereas the Tower represents large corporations and the government, the Fish speak more about smaller businesses and ventures.

Fish Meaning in Love: The Fish card indicates a relationship that is flowing freely. Things are going well with no big issues. It can also show a deep spiritual (soul) connection between two people.

Fish Meaning for Career: The Fish refers to having freedom in your work. You might be given free rein over a project, or your boss might have a real hands-off attitude.

In terms of a job, it can represent an entrepreneur, a consultant, someone who is self-employed, someone involved in import/export, or someone who works in the fishing industry.

Fish Meaning in Health: The Fish card corresponds to the kidneys and bladder. It can indicate a need to drink more water.

Using the Fish for Timing: The Fish isn't used much for timing traditionally. It can point to February/March (Pisces), but not much more than that. Other cards can give you a better timing interpretation.

Some questions to ask yourself based on the Fish meaning:

  • When was the last time you connected with water?

  • Do you need more fish oil in your diet?

  • How can you be more easy going?

  • What can you do to be more independent?

*Card and information from the Lenormand Oracle Card deck

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