Oracle Card of the Month

Recognition & Reward

Be flexible and shift with life's currents

Disruption (16) is from the Major Arcana. ​Usually, when this card is drawn, it signifies a shift in the direction you are going in life. This can be a major change or just a small course correction – neither of which necessarily have a negative connotation. These disruptions to your life’s path may be in your best interest, a positive move in another direction that will take you to the desired path in life.

The Universe is warning you to be prepared, be flexible, and listen to your intuition to make the correct necessary shifts required. In the tarot, this card represents Falling Tower, which crumbles due to its weakened foundation. Once the old, uninhabitable building is down, a new structure can be built in its place. Keep this in mind, should you see current situations fall apart around you – the Universe is simply clearing a path for new prospects.

Be grateful for change and for the adventures and new opportunities it brings. Be flexible and able to shift with the tides. This will ensure your survival. Enjoy the ride and look forward to what lies ahead as you ride the currents of and navigate the disruptions of life.

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