Oracle Card of the Month

Crown Chakra & Solitude

~ Tuning into intuition.

Two cards came out with this month's drawing – why am I not surprised. 

Perhaps, the Universe is telling us all how to receive its inspiration and quiet messages. For certain, we are all being guided on a very spiritual journey right now -- and that guidance comes from intuitive messages received through our Crown Chakras.

Located at the top of our head (where a crown would rest), the Crown Chakra is a direct conduit to receive pure thought and guidance from our Higher Power (God, the Universe, Spirit...whatever you ascribe to). 

Without question, this Higher Power is speaking this month. Our obligation is to listen.

How to do that is given in the second card – Solitude (9). Becuase those messages are whispers to the soul, at times, it can be difficult to discern just what is being said. The Solitude card reminds us to be still, silence the mind-chatter, environmental distractions, and find our center -- our internal stillness and peace. There, God speaks to us, the Universe sends messages, and we commune with our Higher Power. 

Take time this month to go into stillness, meditate, and listen through your Crown Chakra to the messages that are being given and the guidance you are meant to receive.

"Be still and know that I am..." – here you will find peace.

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