Oracle Card of the Month


Be flexible and shift with life's currents

Whenever this card is drawn, I believe it is not by accident. ​

The Universe is telling us all to use our precious intuition. We all have been blessed with it. While it may seem that some know how to tap into their intuition better than others, each of us have the ability to listen to the promptings that come to us – that still small voice inside directing us and encouraging us to make wise decisions.

​This card is a confirmation of that.

Intuition (2) is one of the major arcana cards – a powerful card that speaks the language of the soul.

We live in a world filled with noise and chaos. Sometimes it’s difficult to find clarity through all the confusion and sensory stimulation bombarding our spirits. Intuition is the key to peace, the means to stillness and finding your center again. Intuition is the light in the darkness that will guide you through the dense fog of indecision clouding your life.

Signals come to you, softly whispering to your soul, directing you to the path that serves you best.

This week is a perfect time to meditation, be present, go to stillness, and find the answers from within. As you focus inward, you will begin to sense truth and feel peace about a direction or decision you must make. This is the light – the truth given from your intuition.

Be still and hear.​

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