Oracle Card of the Month

Authority (4)

Leadership, Logic, Strength & Wisdom

This card represents the masculine qualities of leadership, logic, strength, wisdom, and power. When this card appears, it is used as a teaching tool by encouraging you to develop the masculine aspects of yourself. Other traits to develop are good reasoning, problem-solving skills, being grounded, and learning to develop control over your emotions.

This card can represent a father figure, or a wise authority who’s present in your life. The question is, “do you want to emulate the same qualities?”

Now is the time to stop talking and act like a leader. Structure your ideas, plans and foundations to achieve your goals. Use the character of the Authority card to make choices through wisdom, logic, rationality and grace.

The way in which you acquire, handle, and wield your power and authority is now being tested.

from The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck by John Holland

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