Basement Murders

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9 January 2020

The images in this event were consecutive. in the order which they occurred (from my impression). I viewed these as a witness in the rooms as they occurred. None of these events were moving events, but rather a slide-show type of view. I heard nothing, with the exception of the woman's voice, a significant detail.

1) The room appeared to be in a basement. The only windows were, narrow and situated high on one wall (to the left of the bed when facing it), consistent with basement windows. There were long, square projections running along the ceiling (on the right side of the room), consistent with heating ducts. I felt and smelled the cool of cement in a basement. 


The bed appeared to be queen-sized. The headboard appeared to be brass with knobs on the top of each end piece. There was no footboard. The bedding was rumpled, a couple had been sleeping there. Blood soaked sheets cradled both bodies - a man on the right and a woman on the left (as you face the bed from the footing). They had been shot multiple times. 


2) The second room was more like a cold-storage room or large closet. Cement walls on all sides painted a pale blue that was old and flaking off. Facing toward the only window, high on the wall, narrow, consistent with basement windows, an oversized door on the left and another opening that had been closed, leading out of the room. I couldn't see what that was, exactly. 


An old wire bed frame, narrow (as was used for cots) was situated against the wall opposite of the windowed wall. There was no mattress on the frame. Its location felt separated from the small room by wood framing for the house or building, although I can't be positive about that. This was a very small space, only large enough for the bed frame. A young, white girl, around the age of 10-12 yrs lies on the wire bed frame. Her dark hair was disheveled as if she hadn't combed it for a very long time. She had wires attached to her body (torso). These wires led to some kind of fusebox type gadget. She had been electrocuted and appeared dead.


3) The male (perpetrator) held a pistol in his right hand. He was white, mid-30's, scrawny/thin (maybe 160 lbs), strawberry blonde hair, approx 5' 8" - 5' 10".  It appeared he had shot the couple in the bed.


The female (perpetrator) was with the young girl in the smaller room. I heard her voice, which was extremely youthful sounding (almost child-like). I did not make out all of her words (I think she said, "This is going to shock you") but her tone was gentle with the child as she turned to the fusebox and flipped a switch that sent the current along the wires to electrocute the child. This woman was white, approx 5' 4", brown hair choppy-cropped to above her ears, approx 120 lbs, mid to late 20s. 


4) The final image was of a yellow-beige comforter, no design, sized to fit the bed. It was dirty and had blood spatters on it. Also, a small throw-pillow, the same color, velveteen or imitation suede with blood spatters on it. The blood was visible to the naked eye but not overtly noticeable at first glance.


***My hope is that this has meaning to someone. I feel the bodies were eventually discovered but the perpetrators remain unidentified. I don't have a sense that the perpetrators knew their victims but I cannot be certain they did not.

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