Spiritual Consultation • Registered Nurse

Helping individuals and families in crisis for over 20 years

(Birth to end of life and everything in-between)


Spiritual Consultation  •  Medical Guidance  •  Energy Healing  •.  Life Coach  •  

Reiki Master  •   Remote Viewer  •  Author  

Life brings its challenges and we all have that "gut sense" to guide us. I am here to help you work with the impressions given to you through your intuition. The process is personal and individual – like watching a sunset with friends (everyone sees the same sunset but the inspiration that comes from that experience may be different for each).

My goal is to guide you toward a better understanding of yourself.

Wellness in body, mind, and spirit is a priority. I work with you toward that end.

As a remote viewer, I have assisted foreign police departments and local families in the search for missing persons.

My experience is as a Registered Nurse for more than two decades, working with all ages in fast-paced Emergency Departments within the United States.

Together, we can discuss your thoughts, impressions, and goals to create a life plan specifically for you.

Living a full, happy, joyful life is the goal.

Member of the International Remote Viewing Association

Member of the American Herbalists Guild

Member of the Author's Guild

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My intention is to support your quest for inner joy 


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