Oracle Card of the Month


Personal Strength

Power (8) is the eighth card in the Major Arcana – a symbol of personal power and self-confidence.

This card is a reminder of your inner abilities to take the helm and sail through the challenges that may present themselves to you at this time. Strength, willpower, generosity, courage, and love are tools that belong to you. These are gifted with the intent for you to use them for your benefit, but not at the expense of others.


Remember that strength needs to be tempered with self-control. Your ability to "power through" any situation is a given, but that skill is meaningless without using it wisely (with humility, compassion and control).  

The number 8 symbolizes authority, success, inner-strength, prosperity. It's a power number. Turned to the side, the number 8 becomes the symbol for infinity ∞  


A tremendous gift, Power, is yours at this time. Use it well, harness it for good, and move forward to bless yourself and others.

Have a wonderful month! You deserve it.

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