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Airliner Tail Explosion


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    •  Airplane, passenger jet, white with a single blue stripe and a single red stripe running the length of the exterior. Tail explodes. View is looking down the plane from the left side near the wing. The tail suddenly explodes and disappears. Weather is rainy or overcast (not sunny). The plane is on the ground when it explodes.


   • "Boeing 7 (something) 7" (cannot recall the number in the middle - initially thought it was 747 or 737, then 767 came to mind).


    •    Many psychics (Jan) working to help figure out what happened.


    •    Nose of a passenger jet behind a glittering screen. A soft RED aura surrounds the nose of the plane.

No specific airline noted - these are the stripes. This image is not to imply this specific Airline, but rather to give a visual of what I saw.

I believe this event has already happened, although I cannot be certain.

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