Kidnapped Children in Van

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3 February 2019

I saw the following sets of IMAGES:


• Gold sedan (Chevy or that type of make) driven by two women

• Little girls, ages 3-5 yrs, stuffed inside the sedan – most were drugged, different races (I saw Caucasian and dark-skinned like India)

• The girl's hair had been cut and dyed

• One woman, age 55-65 yrs, approx. 180-220 lbs, was called “Shirley” and had short curly caramel blonde hair, 1960s-styled.

• The license plate on the sedan was white with black letters (I couldn’t see what they were)

• Location was a college town, hilly paved roads, pine trees and dirt along sides of roads, scattered houses, USA


An arm (it appeared to be mine as I could not see the person) reached out to grab hold of the girls:

• Two were pulled back, the arm tried to grab more (approx 6-8 girls left inside the vehicle)

• The women moved the girls quickly into a gold cargo van.

• License plate not visible because it was covered up but white with black letters peeked through covering

• One of the little girls’ name was Kayla (I believe she was dark-skinned, had shoulder-length pigtails in ringlets, gold earrings in both ears, bright eyes almost blue or gray) – she was one of the girls I grabbed out of the van.

• Another girl had her hair cropped short, butch-cut, dyed red. She wore a jean jacket, Caucasian, pale blue or green eyes, drugged and confused.

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