"I guess I would say my strongest gift is the ability to know another person's direction. Meaning, I have the gift of knowing the intent that lies deep within your soul to guide you along your chosen path. 
This allows me to provide life-coaching during my sessions. Should someone from the other side come forward with a message, I include that, as well. Should health and the possibility for healing come forward, I offer that through Reiki and holistic suggestions.

In truth, YOU are the driver of our discussion.
I'm honored you invite me in!"

More about Marti

Marti is an established novelist and screenwriter known for her paranormal novel series and award-winning screenplays. She has expanded her writing to include a spiritual intuitive method for writing. Utilizing a background in teaching, Marti shares her tools for maintaining creativity using intuition and discernment.

Marti employs the power of intuition, imagery, and spiritual advisement in her practice. She has recently been recognized as a powerful remote viewer.


With 20+ years working as an Emergency Department RN, she has developed unique skills as a Reiki healer, which she offers to her clients upon request.


Marti also works to connect her clients to their loved ones on the other side. 


Marti is available for private sessions, healings, and group instruction.

Her "Insights" have been used by foreign police departments for investigations of unsolved criminal cases.


Marti currently resides in the Seattle, Washington area.

Member of the International Remote Viewing Association

253 470 8851

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